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New Family Discount

30-20-10 New Family Discount

For new families entering Butte Central Catholic Schools, you are eligible to receive the 30-20-10 New Family Discount.  This discount was adopted to assist new families with the cost of attending Butte Central.  The discount is applied only to the base Tier Level Tuition assessment as follows:
Year 1 of Attendance:  30% Discount
Year 2 of Attendance:  20% Discount
Year 3 of Attendance:  10% Discount
Year 4 and beyond of Attendance:  No Discount Available
All other fees included with the annual tuition assessment are not eligible for the discount.  The following is an example of how the discount would be applied to a new family entering Butte Central Catholic Schools.



2014/2015 Tuition and Fees Estimate


2015/2016 Tuition and Fees Estimate


2016/2017 Tuition and Fees Estimate


2017/2018 Tuition and Fees Estimate

New Student - Fall 2014
Grade Level








Family Income Level - Tier Level 5
New Family Discount








Base Level Tuition (Tier 5)         3,664         3,737         3,812         3,888
Less: New Family Discount        (1,099)           (747)           (381)                0
Add: Annual Registration Fees            100            100            100            100
Add: Annual BC Futures Fees            500            500            500            500
Add: Annual Teachers Salary Fees            300            300            300            300
Add: Annual Night Auction Fees              25              25              25              25
Total Tuition & Fees Estimate         3,490         3,915         4,356         4,813
New families are also eligible to seek additional financial aid through our financial aid process.  Most financial aid provided to families is considered "non-cash" financial aid, resulting in an adjustment being made to the tuition assessment by writing off a portion of the assessment.  However, Butte Central is able to provide, on a limited basis, some cash scholarships through our Guardian Angel Program, and the ACE Scholarship Program.  Families requiring additional financial aid are required to complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Application. 
For additional information regarding FACTS please click on the following link:
For further information about the cost of attending Butte Central Catholic Schools, along with various financial aid programs available, please contract Mr. David Stonehocker, in our Admissions Office.  Mr. Stonehocker can be reached at:
Butte Central Catholic Schools
Admissions Office
9 South Idaho St.
Butte, MT 59701
Telephone No. 406.782.6761
Fax No. 406.723.3873
Greg Ritter
(406) 782-6761