Butte Silver Bow Health Department
      Leading the Coronavirus Fight for Butte Central Schools

In the Butte Central Catholic School System most school days begin with taking
attendance, morning prayer, important announcements, and students and teachers
exchanging “good mornings”! This year, daily routines include temperature screenings
and a double check to make sure students are complying with mandatory face
coverings and social distancing rules.
For school administrators J.P, Williams, Paul Richardson, and Don Peoples, Jr. most
school mornings also include a phone conference with the Butte Silver Bow Health
Department. “Karen Sullivan, John Rolich, and Karen Maloughney from the Health
Department have been amazing in their support of Butte Central Schools,” said Don
Peoples, Jr., Butte Central Catholic Schools President. “They take time each day to
brief us on important COVID-19 issues in our community and answer questions we
have concerning students and teachers,” he added.
The extraordinary dedication of these public health professionals has not gone
unnoticed by the Butte Central Administrative Team. In addition to the morning
briefings, the Butte Silver Bow staff has been available to school officials on a “24-7”
basis. In recent weeks, communications have focused on the challenging task of
dealing with positive cases and the important contact tracing process.
“We can’t thank John and the two Karen’s enough for all of their hard work,” commented
Butte Central Catholic Elementary Principal Paul Richardson. “They go the extra mile
each day to keep our school safe and to help us deal with the virus.”
In early spring, the health department played a major role in assisting the BC staff in the
development of back-to-school plans and protocols. They also worked with Butte
Central Activities Director Chad Petersen over the summer months in preparation for
the return of the sports seasons.
“Butte Silver-Bow Health Officer Karen Sullivan and staff have been monumental
partners with Butte Central Schools this year. It is an incredible blessing to have so
many dedicated professionals and their support during very strenuous circumstances. I
truly appreciate the constant communication, advice, and dedication to the safety of the
students and teachers. The health department’s team is certainly a vital partner in Butte
Central’s success in Covid-19 response management.” reflected Butte Central Catholic
High School Principal J.P. Williams.
The primary goal of this collaborative effort has been to safely keep students in school
and in “face-to-face” learning. Both the high school and elementary school have
experienced positive cases and students and teachers being placed in isolation and

quarantine. The constant communication and cooperative working relationship between
the health department and the Butte Central staff has made a positive impact on the
school system.
As cases in Butte Silver Bow continue to rise to worrisome levels, the Butte Central
Administrative Team will continue to rely on the help of health officials. “It is so
important that we keep our students in school,” reflected Peoples. “We are fortunate to
have such an outstanding group of public health officials in our community.”
As the holiday season approaches, the Butte Central Administrative Team would like to
urge all BC Families to intensify their efforts to keep students and teachers safe and to
reduce the spread of the virus. Families are asked to follow all of the recommended
practices, including frequently washing hands, maintaining social distancing, and the
wearing of facial coverings. The BC community is encouraged to stay at home and to
avoid gatherings and travel during the upcoming weeks. Parents, students, and families
are challenged to take all of the extra precautions to slow the spread of the virus in our

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