What We're About

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of Butte Central Catholic Schools is to develop intellectual excellence within a safe community environment that seeks to further holistic development and a sense of responsibility for lives in the spirit of Jesus. Butte Central Catholic Schools welcome all students to be part of their traditions and teachings based on the belief that each student is a unique, growing individual who, as a member of the human, global community, shares in the responsibility for that community. As a Roman Catholic community, Butte Central Catholic Schools proclaim their mission in a spirit of faith, peace, and justice. We're committed to being a Central part of your future.

Did You Know?


of Butte Central students who apply for college are accepted


Pride. Persistence. Passion. These aren’t just words. They’re Central to forming who we are. They help us be our best selves and make our community better; just like we’ve done for nearly 140 years. In the late 1800’s we came here in droves, across an ocean and traveling thousands of miles by horse and wagon, in search of a better life. Almost seventeen thousand students later, we are Butte Central Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.

And every day we prepare for college and beyond. We’ve been a Central part of Butte before the mining boom hit. Before there was electricity. Before the automobile. Before radio and TV, when Montana was a territory, not even a state.
We’ve been here, in the center of it all, in the times of boom and bust. When Butte’s population was over 90,000. When there were 8 newspapers, 183 grocery stores, 238 saloons, 10 Catholic churches, 9 Catholic grade schools, and 2 Catholic high schools. And, just like Butte, we’ve endured the low times, but through it all, we’ve persevered. Toughness is in our DNA. It’s Central to who we are.

Today we learn with state-of-the-art technology. With SMART Boards and Chromebooks in every classroom, from pre-K to high school. 80% of our students receive college scholarship assistance worth $1.5 million dollars per year, and 95% of us go on to colleges and universities across the United States and the world. And the world comes to us. Our International Cultural Exchange Program brings students from Asia and South America to study with us here in Butte.

We’ve become doctors. Firefighters. Supreme Court justices. Bishops. CEO’s, Clergy Members and builders. And each of us is at the center of making our communities better. Our Thanksgiving Dinner feeds hundreds of people every year. Giving is Central to who we are.

And we’re in the center of everything on the courts, fields, and arenas. Winning over 34 Montana State Championships in Athletics and, in 2019 alone, placing 35 fall student-athletes on the All-Academic Team!

But most of all our faith is Central to everything we do. All three schools, from pre-K to high school celebrate Mass together on a weekly basis and our retreat programs help grow the spiritual side of every student.

We’re Butte Central Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. We Are BC! And we’re ready to be Central to your life!

Go Maroons!


Don Peoples, Jr. | President of Butte Central Schools

Denise Chrest | Principal, Butte Central High School

Dawn Ann Peterson | Principal, Butte Central Elementary/JR. High School

Chad Petersen | Athletic Director

Board Members

Kelli Harrington
Bryan Bradshaw
Tom Boyle
Rob Dwyer
Karen VanDaveer
Jeff Williams
April Gelling
Patti Small
Kate McGree
Dawn Petritz
Chris Crawshaw

Ex-Officio Board Members

Don Peoples, Jr.
Joe McBride
Dawn Ann Peterson
Fr. Craig Hanley
Matt Brower( Bishops Representative)
Diane Johnson
Denise Chrest
Chad Petersen
Mollie Keeley
Nicole Collins