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As the Principal of our historic school, I am excited to welcome you to Butte Central Catholic High School. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the students, teachers and staff to the 2023-2024 school year.  I look forward to working together growing in our faith and excelling in everything we do.  Come see why many colleges and universities consider Butte Central as one of the best preparatory high schools in the state of Montana.


Through the generosity of its Catholic parishes and numerous alumni, Butte Central Catholic High School serves all committed families in Butte by providing an outstanding 9-12 Catholic educational program. Accessible to all families, the BCCHS is committed to providing excellent education in an environment of the Catholic faith and moral values. BCCHS prepares students for an exciting future by building partnerships with families, parishes, and the wider Butte community. Through academic, religious, and co-curricular programs, BCCHS strives to produce leaders in the Church and in society.

The teaching of spiritual, moral, and ethical values begins at home; however, BCCHS assumes the responsibility for extending and broadening parental modeling and training for all students.


Preparing our students for college is Central to Butte Central Catholic High School. We are committed to making sure every experience throughout their four years is designed to not only guide our students on a path to attend a four-year college or university but excel once they arrive. We also help our students get a head start on their higher education careers. Butte Central will offer expanded college credit opportunities through the Montana Tech Jump Start Program in 2022-2023. Butte Central High School offers college credits, dual credits, and advanced placement college credit opportunities. 100% of Butte Central High School students who apply for college are accepted, with 80% receiving scholarships assistance. College preparatory is Central to Butte Central Catholic High School.


Avg ACT Score


had a Composite Score of 23 or higher


had a Math Score of 24 or higher


Two Year Avg. Bishop Thomas Scholars Academy Participant ACT Score


Butte Central is one of the most technologically advanced private high schools in Montana. Every day we learn with SMART Boards or SMART TV’s in every classroom. Our 400 new computer devices, including personal computers, laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks, give our faculty from Pre-K to high school, an edge that helps prepare our students for college and beyond. We’re also blessed with 3 new computer labs allowing technology to be integrated into all levels of instruction.

Brand new computer lab
SMART Boards or SMART TV’s in every classroom
New Chromebook sensors for science labs.
Improved performance of IT systems and strengthened internet security and safety protocols


College preparatory is Central to Butte Central Catholic High School and we help every student and family create a pathway to higher education where they are prepared to succeed. School tours can be scheduled by calling (406) 782-6761, but we also encourage interested families to stop by anytime to tour the school. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with not only our educational environment but also our caring and loving community. Go Maroons!


Butte Central is Dedicated to making sure all families can afford our schools! 


Maroon Pride Package will be added to support the Butte Central Education Foundation. The package will include Maroon Activities Center memberships & activities cards, Autumnfest Tickets, Auction Ticket. (package will be a per family fee for all K-12 families)

Tuition Assistance

We work with every family on an individual basis to find a way for your students to attend Butte Central. Our goal is to find a way for everyone to be a part of our community. Scholarships, financial aid, and multiple student discounts are available. We believe in what our school has to offer and want to give everyone the opportunity to experience
For more information regarding scholarship assistance, and ways that Butte Central can help your child receive the education you deserve, please contact:
Don Peoples, Jr. -- President of Butte Central Catholic Schools
Phone: 406-723-6706
Email: dpeoples@buttecentralfoundation.org

dual enrollment 7.21.21

School Life

Life for high schoolers is more than just, well, school. At Butte Central High School, athletics, activities and the arts are Central to the well-being of our students, giving them a cultural edge that will separate them from the rest of the pack. From participating in team sports at the highest level, to developing student leaders right alongside future rock stars, we are committed to providing our students a wide array of cultural experiences that create well rounded young women and men ready to change the world for the better.

School Newsletter


At Butte Central Catholic High School, we’re in the center of everything on the courts and fields. Strong athletic programs have been a part of Butte Central High School for nearly 140 years. Besides providing a strong physical fitness curriculum for all grade levels, we provide students the opportunity to participate in a wide array of team sports, including football, basketball, baseball, softball, track, cross country, golf, and many others - winning over 34 Montana State Championships in athletics. Butte Central High School also placed 35 fall student-athletes on the All-Academic Team in 2019!

Students creating clay sculptures

The Arts

At Butte Central High School, the arts are Central to the well being of our students, giving them a cultural edge that will separate them from the rest of the pack. We’ve been encouraging the artistic side of our students since we opened our doors nearly 140 years ago. With a substantial fine arts program, private guitar lessons, and an excellent band, choir and yes, rock band, Butte Central High School is committed to providing our students a wide array of cultural experiences that create well rounded young women and men ready to change the world for the better.


As a student at Butte Central High School, you can be as involved in extracurricular activities as you like. From student government and Key Club to ACT Boot Camp, to college and career readiness and, of course, guitar lessons at the highest level, no matter what your interests, you’ll find your place.

Butte Central Students continue to be actively involved in exciting programs and organizations including:

  • Key Club
  • Youth Legislature
  • HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)
  • High School Guitar Program - Many of our BC Students are learning guitar in an exciting program under the direction of Russ Nelson
  • ACT Boot Camp - Each Spring our Junior Student participate in an ACT Boot Camp

New Programs:

  • On to College & Career Readiness Program
  • Title I – Services have been added to serve students in need of additional academic Support
  • Esther (Sullivan) Cote Resource Program has been expanded to provide personal attention & academic support to students

Did You Know?


former Maroons are currently participating in college athletic programs

Spiritual Life

  • Weekly Mass is celebrated at Butte Central High School
  • A new retreat program offers retreats for every high school class and our 8th-grade class.
  • Our high school students experience prayer and reflection each day through a “Daily Devotional”
  • Community Service and the Gospel Messages are important parts of our school systems.


Isreal Aguilar
Devon Mullman
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Kristine Castillo
Russ Nelson
Denise Elakovich
Kevin Edgar
Diane Johnson
Lana Whelan


Don Peoples Foundation
Chad Petersen
Cristine McAnulty

Butte Central Catholic High School Administration & Staff
Denise Chrest |  Principal
| Dean of Students
Chad Petersen | Activities Director
Tamora Henderson | Human Resources Director| Registrar| Business Office
Israel Aguilar| Transition Specialist
Cristina McAnulty | Administrative Assistant
Tom Foley | Building Maintenance

Kerrie Hellyer | Title I Student Services
Tiffany Ostenburg | Biology Life Sciences
Lana Whelan l | Physics |Chemistry | Pre-Chem
Kevin Edgar | Social Studies
Dylan Torgerson | Business
Becky Peoples | Theology
Devon Mullman | English I
Sabrina Holland Kump | English IV, III,   & I
Diane Johnson | Mathematics
Denise Elakovich | Mathematics
Kristine Castillo  |Art & Elementary Student Services
Russell Nelson | Music Director
Israel Aguilar | Spanish |Chico studies| Careers