Kenneally Family & Town Pump

Incredible Benefactors of Catholic Education “

For many years, the Kenneally Family and the Town Pump Charitable Foundation have been incredible supporters of Catholic education in the Butte community.  The family has provided support to academics, activities, scholarships, music programs, technology, faculty salaries and to facilities including the Marron Activities Center. 

According to Butte Central Schools President Don Peoples the Kenneally family has been a source of great strength for Catholic education in our community. “The Kenneally’s are a real blessing to our schools” said Peoples. “They have supported our Foundation, our Booster Club, and both our high school and elementary programs.”

In 2012, Tom Kenneally Sr., founder of Town Pump Inc., announced the establishment of three separate funds to benefit Butte Central Catholic Schools.  Kenneally, a 1942 graduate of Butte Central High School made the announcement on May 10,2012 in a ceremony at the Maroon Activities to dedicate the Kenneally Lifetime Achievement Hallway.  The Hallway, which is located on the east side of the building, is dedicated to all alumni of Butte Central Catholic High School.

Kenneally announced the establishment of the Kenneally Family Faculty Fund, the Kenneally Family Town Pump Scholarship Fund, and the Tom and Mary Kenneally Excellence Fund. The continued support of the family and the Town Pump Charitable Foundation since that time has greatly impacted Butte Central Schools.

On August 16, 2013 Tom Kenneally passed away in Butte. He is survived by his wife Mary Ann, their 8 children, and numerous grandchildren.  His legacy with Butte Central has been a proud remembrance of his dedication to the community of Butte.

“We are honored and proud to be the recipients of the great support of the Kenneally Family and the Town Pump Charitable Foundation, said Paul Richardson, the new Principal of Butte Central Catholic Elementary. “Their generosity will help shape the future of our students.”

Butte Central High School Principal JP Williams acknowledged his appreciation to the Kenneally Family and the Town Pump Corporation. “We are blessed to be the recipients of their tremendous support “ said Williams.  “They are a gift to Catholic education in our community.”

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